bass canon fires tomorrow eve


Well, it’s definitely getting closer. Tomorrow night, join us at the Crooked I in downtown Erie on State Street for our monthly Dubstep event, Crooked Bass.

NatasK, Ghost Alive, and special guest DJ Quake are more than ready to rinse the place proper!

Til then pump your speakers full of bass with these fresh tunes, brought to you by NatasK. Enjoy, and see you tomorrow!

No cover! 10PM-2AM

NEW ISH… blast off!

What’s good, my bassheads!?

NatasK just dropped another tune tonight for you guys to get down to… it’s called Daydreamer. So listen, share with your friends, and right now you can download it for free! It should get you pumped for Thursday cause NatasK, Ghost Alive, and DJ Quake are ready to bring some serious heat into the Crooked I for this event. So check it out, let us know what you think, and we’ll have lots more cool stuff up throughout the week like new videos, probably a new tune or two, and more information on the upcoming Victoria’s Secret event on March 17th. D-d-d-d-drop the BASS! BOOM!!!!










Just wanted to say how excited we are for this coming thursday night!! Myself, Ghost Alive and Quake are gonna be smashing it up proper for crooked bass!!!  The last few events have been just ram jammed to the rafters, so be ready for another rocker!!!   I got Night ripper, part 2 the “day dreamer”. Dropping. This evening…. Make sure you be ready for links!! Its straight up fire for your earhole…. And of coarse im gonna put it up for a short time as a free download!!!!   Which brings me to my next topic…. The album…..we have been releasing tunes, giving you some flavors and textures to enjoy!!!  Be ready for the album…. Coming real soon!!! for some free tunes!!! #BOOM


Check this out if you haven’t already! It definitely showcases the Bass Crew and how we like to get down… It’s a pretty accurate picture of what our shows are like!

Our next event is happening this week! BOOM! Come grind with us on Thursday for our monthly Crooked Bass event at your favorite hometown bar, the Crooked I.

NatasK, Ghost Alive, and special guest DJ Quake will be bringin’ some serious heat. They’ll have the place at full-throttle with so many womps and drops you won’t know what to do with yourself! It’ll be a pretty sweet event so don’t miss out. We might put a new video up later too, so stay tuned!

You can also confirm you’re attendance on the Facebook Event Page

can’t stop won’t stop

What up world, ‘case you missed it yesterday, NatasK put up a new tune late last night called, well, Night Ripper! Listen and download for free, be sure to share it with your friends. Here it is,




Later tonight we’ll be doing another Brr-wrapp up since it’s Monday- we decided every Monday we’ll do a ‘wrap up’ to sum up what’s been happening with us and what you might have missed.

Get Lucky Shopping Event

Saturday, March 17th at Victoria’s Secret here in the Millcreek Mall there will be a special shopping event. This is the Get Lucky Pink Nation annual event so there will be lots of in-store savings opportunities and other cool stuff we’ll update you on as soon as we find out. NatasK will be providing the tunes and we’re doing a live podcast during the event, too! It’ll be from 1-5PM so it’s an all-day special… we really hope to see you there! Tell your friends!!

I send this message to any surviving Autobots taking refuge among the stars- we are here, we are waiting.

This post is filled with all kinds of sweet stuff like stars, Transformers, and best of all a brand new tune by NatasK! So enjoy, and hey ladies, there will be a special VIP Victoria’s Secret shopping event announced before midnight so stay tuned for event information…

Now go outside and look up in the sky at the moon… tonight, Jupiter and Venus are up there, too. We thought it was pretty awesome and wanted to share! This picture might help you find them if you’re having trouble:












NatasK just dropped a new tune, The Night Ripper… have a listen and download for free!!

Autobots retreat!!


Who Loves BASS? BassBlog Promo…

March 1st the Crew is back with another edition of Crooked BASS!!!BOOM…. We are very happy to have one of our partners in crime coming up to join us from upstate New York, infamously know as QUAKE!! Be ready for the Low end Bass of the DUB, with some signature Quake Drum-step!!!  Rinse Out!

Colors and shapes

Good afternoon, bassheads!!

NatasK has a whole lot of original artwork he’s done over the years. We’re putting it up here to share with you guys and will be working on an actual Artwork page where you can buy the paintings on canvas, in print, and more. Until then if you see something you like, send us a message and let us know which one you’re interested in. Check ’em out-

Also be sure to listen to his newest tune dropped last night, the Everest. Get it here exclusively on the Bass Blog and if our Facebook fan page gets 50 more likes, we’ll give you a free download.  You can LIKE it from the sidebar on our homepage, how much easier could it be! Crank your speakers up and share this ish with your friends… BOOM!