Friday is getting closer!!

Hello, everybody! This school week is really dragging out for me, but knowing there’s a great show coming up on Friday gets me seriously STOKED! Be sure to get over to the DubLounge for this, you won’t wanna miss NatasK, Matter, Ghost Alive, and special guest trecking up from Edinboro- Risky Bizniss. These boys aren’t your “button-pushers” as we like to call them… they get seriously down on mixing and tear their sets up from start to finish. Totally in your face with BASS! If you’ve been to a show before you know what I mean! Risky Bizniss is actually playing an all vinyl set for this one- your ears will be happy! Back to the grind here, more additions to the bass blog later- new pages and photos for sure.

GET SOME!!!!!!!!!!


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