Lazy, lazy Saturday

Good afternoon, everyone! I just enjoyed a fantastic cup of coffee and am quite enjoying being snowed in during this ridiculous blizzard the 814 is getting right MEOW!! Ahhh man, thank you all so much for coming out last night if you did- and if you didn’t you missed a hell of a show but there WILL be more, no doubt about it… NatasK, Matter, and Ghost Alive are going to be working on some real big things- new ideas, new projects, new tunes.. So you guys should be pretty stoked, I know I am!

Also a new Page in the near future will be “Ish We’re Into”  and will feature things like different kinds of food, fashion, entertainment, shoes, other kinds of music, and more. We want to hear from you too so if you think we should check out somethin’ you’re into, let us know! Reply at the bottom or send us a message.

Stay tuned, wompmonsters.. stay warm and enjoy the blizzard! And if you’re hittin’ the slopes, shred some serious powder!



1 thought on “Lazy, lazy Saturday

  1. Wow so much snow…… Good day to work on the blog. We have some cool stuff ready to drop, watch later today as well as days to come!!!! BOOM

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