Bada bing bada BOOM

Good morning, friends! So many exciting things happening… we just launched an ap for the Android Marketplace last night, you can download it for free here or by using the QR code on a previous post! The ap’s called the 814DubstepBlog and it gets all the great features of our blog right on your phone… picture, video, everything! Get the 814 Bass Crew on the go with the most up-to-date information.

This is some seriously exciting stuff! Since the blog’s launch on February 6th the positive response has been overwhelming- you guys are too awesome. We’ll be getting more videos up for you soon, like an old-school private set NatasK did a few years back and other clips from live performances. NatasK now has a bio page at the top of the screen we’ll constantly be updating with new content. New tracks are in the works as well! Your earbuds will be pleased. We’ve been featured a couple places throughout the week like Absolut Filth and mybandpro’s blogs. Another exciting place we were recognized this week is on the national dubstep newspaper online via DubstepSounds here SUPER DANK!

One more thing… If you haven’t seen our FacebookWidget yet, get on it! We made a page on there for the BassBlog. In the sidebar here you can like it, or just go to the actual FacebookPage for the BassBlog. Your support means the world to us! More later, stay tuned bassmonsters…

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