wa wa wommmp

It’s getting to that point in the week where I really just wanna go to a show and get down to funky bass beats all night… know what I’m sayin?!

Oh man oh man, this week has brought so many amazing things with the blog, the crew, the Android app, ahhhh! It’s so exciting! And the dudes are ready to melt the walls of the Crooked I down next Thursday. I’ve been hearing some great new tracks I think you’ll all enjoy… mmm tasty bass treats!!

Here’s an awesome mix by NatasK called Numb. I wanted to throw up a good jam for you guys this evening. This mix is from a couple months back but it never fails to get a room of people bobbing their heads and smiling from ear to ear, I can just about guarantee it! So turn your speakers up, press play, download for free and share it with your friends. We love you guys! Lots more goodies up throughout the weekend. Stay tuned bassheads!

NUMB- NatasK


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