Check this out if you haven’t already! It definitely showcases the Bass Crew and how we like to get down… It’s a pretty accurate picture of what our shows are like!

Our next event is happening this week! BOOM! Come grind with us on Thursday for our monthly Crooked Bass event at your favorite hometown bar, the Crooked I.

NatasK, Ghost Alive, and special guest DJ Quake will be bringin’ some serious heat. They’ll have the place at full-throttle with so many womps and drops you won’t know what to do with yourself! It’ll be a pretty sweet event so don’t miss out. We might put a new video up later too, so stay tuned!

You can also confirm you’re attendance on the Facebook Event Page

can’t stop won’t stop

What up world, ‘case you missed it yesterday, NatasK put up a new tune late last night called, well, Night Ripper! Listen and download for free, be sure to share it with your friends. Here it is,




Later tonight we’ll be doing another Brr-wrapp up since it’s Monday- we decided every Monday we’ll do a ‘wrap up’ to sum up what’s been happening with us and what you might have missed.