ma ma mixxx

Kapow… ZING!!!!

Here’s ANOTHER free download since you guys rule so f*kin hard… One of my favorites, The Greenleaf Silent Shatter Mixtape. A full halfhour of bassy goodness. Listen as NatasK takes you through a journey of sounds… If you’ve heard it before, well, turn those speakers up, stand up, and dance it out again! You’ll feel great, I guarantee it. Never heard it? You’re missin’ out… get some!

The Greenleaf Mixtape is a first look at the upcoming album Silent Shatter by NatasK. This mix is done in one take, using two techs and a Pioneer mixer with Serato scratch live. All tracks are original productions by the artist NatasK, and feature many different looks into the textures and sounds that define and re-create the Dubstep Culture. With over 15 years of learning and watching Break beat culture evolve, listen for a wide variety of inspiration, pulling from many different time periods and other genres of music. As always, please enjoy, share, and download for free! We love you guys. Thanks for listening and getting down with us… BOOM



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