the dark side

Yo! Since you’ve all been showing NatasK’s Pink Floyd mix so much love, we decided to re-post it again… Just click it to play, and right click ‘save as’ to keep it on your computer forever! This is such a dank mix so if you don’t already have it, be sure to snag it while ya can.

@ Floyd Set Mix

NatasK will be hosting the next event a week from Saturday at the Victoria’s Secret here in Erie at the Millcreek Mall. This is a sweet private shopping event… we’ll be doing a live blog-cast and there will be tons of in-store promotions and specials. Not to mention NatasK will be providing the tunes for you to shop to! The past events for VS have turned out great, so we’re stoked to get in there again, especially since we got the blog up and running.









And last but NOT least… Don’t forget about our next Crooked Bass event coming up on April 5th featuring Jeff Bujak. You can see what he’s all about @ This event’s gonna be super sick and we’re already pretty stoked about it. For you Droid people, scan that QR code on the flyer and get the BassBlog on your phone’s desktop… sickkkkk. That way you can get 814 Bass on the go and never miss a beat! BOOM

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