Who wants to get Lucky???

Hello!! With st. Patricks day coming up right around the corner, we wanted to remind you that we are gonna be at Victorias Secret, on March 17th……
This is for an event called “get lucky” and they will be featuring major discounts, savings and tons and tons of give aways!!!!   @natask and @amandawoiner will be on hand between 1 and 5, hosting your favorite jams while you shop!!   The in store Pink Nation events are always major fun, and positive vibes!!!    814 Bass Crew is proud to work with such an amazing comany like Vickys….. As they truly embrace the future of our music and the soundscape it provides.  So with that being said…..  We too will be blogging all day, taking tons of videos and pics all uploading in real time….. So make sure you come down and visist OR tune in all day via 814basscrew.com

Again…. The event lasts from 1 until 5…. So ladies come down and take advantage of these huge savings, and my dudes….. Bring your women down, and come over and rock out with us for a while in the meantime!!!! #winning

To get you ready make sure you look on the “feature artist” page or the home page to find Natask’s new mix NASTY IsH!!

*We also have some more stuff going up later today!!!

814 Bass Crew for life!

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