meat and potatoes

Mmm mm! No no, not that kind. I’m talking about what really makes up a song.. the sounds.. the beats and drops.. Ya know, the meat and potatoes! That’s exactly what NatasK is explaining right now in the lesson he’s teaching. He says “it’s all about timing.” Know your breakdowns and line up those drum hits! He knows the steps and techniques, and is pretty amped to be teaching it to a younger generation.

So come on, let the beat go… NatasK knows how to get down with it, you know!!! If you think you’d like to learn what it’s all about, one-on-one DJ lessons with him might be just the thing you need. And it takes place in his own personal studio, so no equipment required. Learn the ins and outs of spinning records and have fun doing it. Leave a reply below if you’re interested, or message us personally.

814 Bass Crew is all about community and respect. We love you guys and couldn’t do any of this without your support- to be able to give back like this is exciting! But back to the bass drops for now.. we’ll probably have some new goodies up later tonight… be sure to stay tuned… BOOM!

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