freakin FRIDAY!


Yesss, we all finally made it. I don’t know about you guys but we’re happy as hell it’s the weekend! Especially since TOMORROW is our Victoria’s Secret special event @ the Millcreek Mall here in the 814… Catch us from 1 til 5PM in the store, playin tunes and live blogging! These events are always so much fun and have great deals so be sure to at least stop down and say hello to the 814 Bass Crew.. boominn…..



In other news, if you didn’t catch the post from NatasK’s lesson yesterday, check out the post called “meat and potatoes.” Pretty sweet ish!! And don’t forget about the NK Art Gallery, the Bass Crew wallpapers on the Extra Goods page, and the ANDROID App. We’ll definitely be throwing some more goodies up on here later tonight. And if you’re itchin for some tuneage, head on over to NatasK’s page at the top of the sceen where you can find bunches of his tunes, and lots are even up for free download.


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