check this new ish

Yo everyone, how’s it hangin? Ha haaaa!! Great turnout for the Victoria’s Secret event….. thanks to everyone to made it! We had an awesome time.

Now we have even more going on than we did before, on some real.. First of all, the Upcoming Events page just got a TON of new dates added so get over there PRONTO.. and second of all, we would like to officially introduce our sponsor man, Jon Tan @ The Box. You can read more about this bangin’ brand via Our Sponsor page at the top of your screen. They’re keeping us dipped in some super fresh gear and with their help, pretty soon you’ll be able to get your own 814 Bass Crew // The Box gear.. mega BOOM

We’re amped for the events on the horizon and especially to do some serious work with The Box.. soon you guys will be able to get some seriously DANK swag. Stay with us and don’t miss a beat.. good, no, GREAT things are a comin’! We guarantee it. Support your local grinders..


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