get some sexy luck

Gooooood morning, BASS HEADS!!

Hope everyone is having a great day so far. We’re getting everything ready to go for the Victoria’s Secret event, and we’re even more stoked than before because late last night we got a special visit from our sponsor man Jon Tan @THEBOX  and he dipped us out in some seriously dope gear. We can’t thank him enough and will be rockin the swag with pride all day from 1 til 5PM @TheMillcreekMall. So at least stop by and see what’s up, say hello, and who knows ladies… you might find a super sexy new pair of yoga pants or a killer bra!!

Also be sure to check out a fresh new deep Dubbed-out mix dropped late last night by NatasK, Keep Calm PlayDUBstep..

More to come and tons and TONS of ish happening on here today… Check back soon and we’ll keep you guys posted… Much love 814 BASS CREW X THE BOX

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