go fly a kite

Gooood afternoon everybody…. it’s an absolutely beautiful day here in Erie and if you’re anywhere near here, you know what I mean!!

Summer’s right around the corner. The weather’s been great recently, and it’s only fueling the Bass Crew’s excitement for all the crazy events on the horizon. We’re excited as hell and know it’s gonna be one sweltering, filthy, summer  full of heavy basslines and lush beats you’ll be blaring from the windows of your whip.. trust us, we wouldn’t steer you wrong. Not to mention PLENTY of opportunities to gett downnn– look to the Upcoming Events page for all the details we know so far!

Don’t forget about the new MERCH page where you can get your 814 Bass Crew New-Era snap-backs as well as t-shirts.. pre-order now and when these babies arrive in a week or so they’ll be shipped right to your doorstep! What more could you ask for?!

If you need something to listen to, head on over to NatasK’s page because you can find hours of delicious Dub there.. most are even up for free download. And don’t worry, lots of new tunes cookin.. Matter just threw down a new mix too so we’ll be sure to get that up for you later tonight. Lots of new ish in the works to feed those earbuds.. mmdroppp

Have a bangin day!!!! And oh yeah.. eat my BASS!!!!!!!!!!!


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