tic tic boom tuesday

Well good morning, everybody!

We’re getting excited… a week from Thursday is the next Crooked Bass event at the Crooked I… your hometown heroes NatasK, Matter and Ghost Alive will be dropping some heavy bass and bringing in some new nastiness you haven’t heard before! Special guest Jeff Bujak is joining us too–

If you don’t know about this guy, he’s  “a Northampton, MA based keyboardist/producer/composer who has fathered a new style of Intelligent Dance Music (IDM) that dives deep in the waters of complex live electronica.  Following no rules or boundaries with his songwriting, tied with his fathomless talent of live improvisation, Bujak is carving a new path in the music scene one live performance at a time.” You can read more and listen @ JeffBujak.com

Also be sure to check out our boy NOTIXX on the Featured Artist page, and grab your Bass Crew swag on the Merch page… limited edition snap-backs and t’s are now for sale! Hell to the yeah.

We’re also getting into the uStream with the creation of BassBlogTV– you can check it out on the page here and don’t worry, we’ll always let you know whenever we stream live so you can watch us in real time- you’ll be able to watch some exclusive mix sessions with the guys, interviews, and more. We’re taking this all the way so watch out… Bass Crew world domination!!

Come back soon for the latest and greatest in the world of the 814 Bass Crew. Thanks for booming with us and we can’t wait to see you guys next week!! BLAM


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