Officially on Beatport

What up what up everyone?

We hope you’re all having an awesome night!! Tonight, we wanted to let you know you can now officially find NatasK on Beatport– along with a few videos of live performances and a bunch of tunes and mixes currently up for free download. You can follow him through Beatport to keep up with the freshest sounds so jump on it.. get over to Beatport and check out NatasK already!!!




NatasK on Beatport



If you don’t know about Beatport, it offers music in premium digital formats and provides unique music discovery tools created for and by DJs. Each week, Beatport’s music collection is refreshed with hundreds of exclusive tracks by the world’s top dance music artists. It’s an awesome online community for DJs who are into all kinds of music, so check it out!

So many projects and ideas brewing here with the 814 Bass Crew.. and we hope you’re all ready for Thursday’s Crooked Bass event at the Crooked I. This event is gonna be freakin AWESOME so tell your friends, and come get your fix of the best BASS music and EDM in the tri-state area! Come see how we do it and get down with the Bass Crew….. BOOM!!!!


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