Event photos are up!

What up everybody!!? Just wanted to let you all know the event photos from Thursday’s Crooked Bass event are now up–yesss finally!!

The photos are on their own page at the top of your screen [04.05 Event Photos] so we hope you all enjoy and if you have pictures you think we should put up, send them to us on the BassBlog Facebook Page

VIDEO UPDATE: 2 new ones right here, right now!! NatasK smashin’ it up, here ya go! As always they’re posted on the Video page, too.

Again thank you to everybody who made it out on Thursday- the club was packed.. NatasK annihilated his set, Ghost Alive killed it, and Jeff Bujak got everybody groovin!! It was such a fun night and it was awesome to see you guys gettin’ down with us. Our sponsor The Box was there grindin’ with us too–  you might have seen the shirts, KEEP CALM, LISTEN TO DUBSTEP

Missed the show or wanna see it again? No problem!! Head over to our uStream channel BassBlogTV where you’ll find parts 1 and 2 of Thursday night’s performances caught live.. turn your speakers up and enjoy!

Don’t forget you can order Bass Crew MERCH now, too- snap-backs and T-shirts, 814 Bass Crew gear all day! Soon we’ll have stickers for sale too, so keep an eye out….

We love you guys.. have an awesome night!!!!!

Check back for more real soon….. BOOM

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