What’s up everybody?! Tonight we bring you the ultimate collaborative debut from NatasK and 814 Bass Crew member Pablo Esco. This one’s called SMASHED UP and you may have heard it drop on the dance floor for the first time if you were at the last Crooked Bass event!!! This original tune is so raunchy, so grimy and filled with heavy BASS, now it’s here for us to share with you and the rest of the world! You can only get it here– so all month long on our Featured Artist page you’ll be able to listen to and (free!) download.. SMASHED UP. NatasK and Pablo Esco have dubbed this collaborative excursion as N.K.P.E. and you can bet they’re not stopping with SMASHED UP. This summer, keep up with us here at the BassBlog cause N.K.P.E. will be dropping their premier E.P. before you know it. You don’t want to miss this… enjoy the tunes and stay tuned, bassheads. Now go get your fill of BOOM!!!!!! xx 814 Bass Crew

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