The high road

What up everyone!!!!!

We know you’re all ancy, but never fear….. today we’re working hard to edit and put together tons of pictures and videos from the Technically Floyd event which by the way, was out of this world! If you came out to Buffalo to party with us, thank you so much, and we loved rocking the club for you.. it was a blast. If you tuned in to BassBlogTV to watch the show, we hope you enjoyed it! And you can always find the recorded sets over there to watch at your leisure 🙂

This whole thing would not have been possible without the help and support of our good friends Brian & Jeanette Troidl… you guys are absolutely fantastic and we hope you had as much fun as we did!!! Hopefully we can line up some great events to go down in the future!

BIG UPS to everyone who was a part of this epic event…. our fans and friends, and especially the other awesome DJs who rocked the club- Loki and Basha, way to crush it guys! And Matter, killer as always- reppin’ the Bass Crew to the max, you know how we get dowwwn. We’d also like to thank Kyle Christopher and Nico for capturing some EPIC moments throughout the night… they were kind enough to let us grab some of the flicks so look for ’em here on the site… we’ll let you know when they all go up later tonight!!

That’s all for now.. come back soon, we love you guys! BOOM

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