Just dropped: new MOOM from NatasK

Presenting, the newest mix from 814 Bass Crew’s NatasK… and Vol 3 of his Moombahcore Murder series.. turn up your speakers and hold on to your seat (or just get up and dance!) cause it’s HOLD ON TIGHT and it’s up for FREE DOWNLOAD!!!!


See the little downward facing arrow on the track? Yeah? That’ll let’cha download it right to your computer, and transfer it to any device of your choosing so you can bump this ish wherever and whenever you want. So enjoy over 30 minutes of these addicting and pulsating Moomah beats! We love it, and hope you do too.. let us know, we always love to hear from you guys.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

And have you checked out our newest Featured Artist yet?! Our good friend RICKY SKULLCRUSHA is melting faces on the BassBlog for the month of August!


Head over to our Featured Artist page to get the link for his new EP exclusively on Beatport.. show this guy some love, he loves to make dirty bass music to share with the world


Stay tuned…. lots of exciting things in the works 😀

xx 814 BASS CREW


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