BOOM BAP tonight featuring THE 58’S


















DING DING DING… round 2 is here!!!!! What’s up everybody?! We hope you had a great time last night… we sure did! Hope you’re ready for this one poppin’ off in a few hours… Do not miss this epic edition of BOOM BAP thanks to The Box Street Couture and 2189 Skate Crew! GET SOME!!!!!!!!

Mayo and B. White

Mayo and B. White, the 58’s


NatasK on the decks



Have pictures or videos from last night? Send them our way, we’d love to see ’em and use them on our site with your permission of course. Leave a comment at the bottom of the page!

And check out the amazing cake NatasK got for his birthday- it’s really Sunday but we’re celebrating all weekend long! Be sure to get out to party with us tonight

NatasK and his turntable birthday cake

NatasK and his turntable birthday cake

Bass Cake

Bass Cake

Side View

Side View



Next Thursday it’s definitely going down….

PHIL DA BASS is rolling back into Erie and you know how hyphy that’s gonna get! Catch his special set back to back with 814 Bass Crew’s  NATASK only @ The Crooked I


Hope everyone is having an awesome day…. don’t let the snow scare you away tonight- throw those boots on and get ready to rage! See you soon!

NK decks

xx 814 Bass Crew, Amanda

Come out to play

Hey friends! Come out to join us tonight for an ultra spectacular mid-week bass blow out…  we’re half way through the week, so have a drink with us and get a little grimy on the dance floor.

NatasK and Matter will be on the 1’s and 2’s with some sultry sounds for your ear buds and as always, this weekly event is at no charge to you 🙂 Get a taste of electro bass culture and help us crank up the beats tonight! NatasK’s brother just got married, so the evening is sure to have some surprises in store- help us celebrate! Bring your friends!! Catch us streaming live on uStream BASS BLOG TV worldwide if you can’t make it out….. boom xx 814 BASS CREW


Bass Heavyweights Drop Bombs on Erie Tonight



What up what up everybody……

Tonight from 10pm til 2am, the time has finally come for December’s CROOKED BASS celebration! It’s about to be ram jammed to the rafters with dirty bass music bumpin’ so loud you won’t even know what to do… all these dudes in one place, tonight only, and for FREE! Presenting:




with 814 Bass Crew’s NATASK // MATTER // GHOST ALIVE


Do not miss out! Join us on this epic night only @ the Crooked I in Erie, PA…

If you can’t, watch our channel streaming live all night on uStream via BASS BLOG TV