Pushing the Headspace!

Two New songs From NatasK….. A little Preview of some of the material coming up for spring of 2016.  NatasK has been hard at work all through the winter and has been formulating a whole new arsenal of tunes, and collaborations.  “Tight Rope” and “Parasitic”  both capture various sounds and tempos constructed around the 808 Kick Drum and Punishing Bass lines.


Catch Full Length DJ mixes as well as all of NatasK’s material here:

Mixcast Monday:Amplified Space Ep.6

This week I have steered a little off my normal path and incorporated a sound that I have been a fan of, and felt was time to bring into the mix.  “Brain Capacity”  is a unique blend of Psy Trance and Techno to bring you a deeply moving progression of choice beats and sultry bass.  This mix is great for a wide variety of occasions, so enjoy…. share and make sure to turn the volume up.