Officially founded in the summer of 2010, the 814 Bass Crew was formed in order to give some of Northwest Pennsylvania’s most talented DJs a new platform with which to champion the music they love. Rather than perpetuate the old-hat exclusivity and elitist attitude where you’re either “in the band” or you’re a fan on the sidelines, so to speak, the doors were swung wide open to include all of our friends, our family, and anyone wanting to join the movement as a part of the 814 Bass Crew.

Our mission has always been to push intelligent electronic music to the forefront of  nightlife, bringing national and international talent to the stage, with legendary one-off events at some of the city’s premier concert venues… as well as Performance Bookings at top-notch parties and clubs around the United States and beyond.   Currently you can Listen weekly to The Electric Circuit, an FM residency with 8BC’s very own NatasK and his on air co-host Matisflex.

We are deeply, deeply grateful for all of the friendship, love, and support we’ve received over the past few years, and we’re excited as ever to keep pushing things forward into the future!


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