Album : “Thunderstorms”

Album :  “I Keep It Moving.”

EP: “The Awakening”


[[814 Bass Crew, Plasmapool Records, Subsurface Tribe, MELT Nightlife, & 8BC Records]]

From a very young age Joseph Kodba, otherwise known as NatasK, has had a driving passion for Art and Music, and has been immersed in the Global sounds of electronic music as well as the culture that surrounds it. There was always a vast amount of inspiration and knowledge learned from a very young age which propelled NatasK to further push that love and passion to create a signature sound all his own.

Starting early in 2000 as a DJ and artist his passion for electronic music exudes from his DJ Sets, known for seamless mixing and the jockeying of three and four decks at once, and has proven to be quite contagious with a vide variety of genres. NatasK is co-founder of the DJ collective Sub-Surface Tribe which emerged in 2001 to push the underground sounds of electronic music to a wider audience, while keeping the tradition of the DJ culture where his progress became more noted in his regional area. Through working with many other artists and musicians alike, NatasK developed a signature sound and started to gain national and international acclaim. In 2006 and 2007, (UK) featured not just one but three of his DJ mixes. NatasK was recognized during this time as a drum and bass DJ, and was starting to showcase amongst the biggest names worldwide. It was then in 2008, NatasK went deeper into the sounds of Jungle/Broken beat music and decided to expand his sound from Drum and Bass and began incorporating other speeds and tempos like Dubstep,Techno and House to add more depth to his live performances, DJ Mixes and Production. During this time NatasK relocated to northwestern Pennsylvania and settled in Erie where he created the 814 Bass Crew movement; his own art, media, and music collective saturating a region of the US where Electronic music had not yet reached, all while continuing to host a variety of events and developing new material to showcase his passion for his art. Later on in 2008, NatasK hosted and showcased his first live event under the 814 Bass Crew name. 814BC was booming in soul and merit- the possibilities were endless. From there it was a pure snowball effect between massive track production(including releases on Plasmapool Records), having Friday night weekly events with “For Play Friday’s” at the Avalon Hotel in downtown Erie, and eventually a year later with opening up his own event space for a period of time (Project Warehouse), NatasK and his crew were making some big moves and progressing on all levels.
NatasK then started a four-year-running monthly Bass Music event, the first Thursday of every month that became known as Crooked Bass at the Crooked I Nightclub and Event Center in downtown Erie. NatasK has acquired quite a reputation for bringing great live sets that always seems to get the room dancing into a frenzy.
With over 18 years of experience, NatasK brings a cutting edge sound of heavy bass and choice track selection. He has been contributing to electronic music’s movement on a global level representing Western PA, with his slick mixing, big tunes, heavy drops and cutting and scratching all incorporated with his own productions to make the crowds go wild. NatasK has played alongside some of the largest names in the industry on an International Level, and his talents continue to grow as the fan base keeps on the rise.

NatasK has some great plans for his future and the future of Electronic Music, most currently with the release of his full length album  “I Keep It Moving” and follow up 2 EPs released  “The Awakening” and “Thunderstorms” further blending production styles of Hip Hop, Electronic Music as well Rock N Roll.   In 2015 NatasK became the newest on-air personality of the Electric Circuit, otherwise known as the TEC show, is a weekly EDM (Open Format) radio show on the FM dial 90.5 WERG based in Erie PA Friday nights from 9-12 Midnight EST which has now expanded to a full global mix show hosted on Twitch TV and airs Friday nights at 9PM est. ( )

Most Recently NatasK’s album received Album of the Year “I keep it Moving” praise in the Northeast region of the US by the Erie Reader newspaper, as well as receiving worldwide praise for pushing the bar of Electronic Production with global support from the largest EDM and Bass Music Blog, Our Bass Obsession, reaching millions of viewers daily. NatasK continues to host local events and tour on a global level. Interested parties can contact management via email on the Contact page of this website.




Caught In Wasteland


NatasK on Beatport DJs


3 thoughts on “NATASK

  1. This man is no human he is no robot nor a beast he is a GOD when it comes to playing the hottest tunes on the 1s and 2s

  2. I have some photos to post for you mister! Also some videos! You should probably find me on facebook or email me so I can get them to you!

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